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Energy Lens Installation Problems

Problem: you can't find a way to open Energy Lens, even though it has been installed on your computer.

Follow the steps below until the problem is solved:

  1. Check for the Energy Lens links within Excel
  2. Check for the Energy Lens desktop and start menu shortcuts

Step 1: check for the Energy Lens links within Excel

Open Excel, and check whether "Energy Lens..." is visible in the Excel "Tools" menu. Opening Energy Lens through Excel

If you can't see it, the simple solution below may fix this.


Open Energy Lens from the desktop shortcut or the shortcut in the Windows "start" menu. This should make the make the Energy Lens links appear within Excel, ready for future use.

(If the desktop and start menu shortcuts are missing, move on to step 2.)

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Step 2 - check for the desktop and start menu shortcuts

If Energy Lens has been installed for your user account, there should be an "Energy Lens" shortcut on your desktop, and shortcuts in the Windows "start" menu.

Energy Lens shortcuts in the Windows "start" menu

If these are not there, it means that your user account does not have Energy Lens installed on it. You have two solutions to choose from:

Solution 1 - easy if you are the administrator

You can re-install Energy Lens on your account to fix this problem. Just find the setup file that you downloaded (if necessary you can download it from the download page), and double-click it to start the installation process again.

If your account is not an administrator account, you will need to log into the administrator account and install from there*. If you are presented with a choice of installing for "all users" or the "current user only", make sure to install Energy Lens for all users.

* If you are an advanced Windows user, you may wish to use the Windows "runas" command to run the setup file with administrator permissions from within your user account.

Solution 2 - a quick fix for if you don't have administrator access

(This solution will not make the desktop or "start" menu shortcuts appear, but it will make Energy Lens accessible from within Excel.)

Provided Energy Lens has been installed on your machine (albeit in the wrong user account), you should be able to install the Energy Lens add-in through Excel:

  1. Open Excel.
  2. Go to "Tools" -> "Add-Ins...".
  3. Click the "Browse..." button.
  4. Find the file called EnergyLens.xla. It will be located in the directory into which Energy Lens was installed (typically C:\Program Files\Energy Lens\).
  5. Make sure that there's a tick next to "Energy Lens" in the Add-Ins list.

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