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Promote Energy Lens Through the Energy Lens Partner Program

If you'd like to help encourage more organizations to reduce their energy consumption with Energy Lens, you might also be interested in our Partner Program:

It's easy to get started, and you don't have to risk any of your own money (we don't currently charge a joining fee, and, because our partners are promoters as opposed to resellers, you don't have to buy any licences up front).

If you're in a good position to connect with people that would find Energy Lens useful, our partner scheme can enable you to help those people and create a new revenue stream for your business at the same time.


At present, our partners are, by default, paid 20% of the sales that their promotional efforts drive. We may change this rate at any time in the future (although please rest assured that it's not our plan to lure in partners with an attractive rate and then drop their percentage once they're up and running).

If your promotional efforts drive a few sales, we'll probably be happy to raise your commission rate above the default level. Although we'd appreciate it if you drove some sales before negotiating a higher commission rate with us... After all, percentages make no difference without sales to turn them into payments!

We also like to give our customers a higher commission rate... Who better to promote our software than those that have bought it for their own use?! So, if you're a customer of ours, please make sure to let us know if we accidentally set your commission rate at the default level.

NB Our prices are on display right here so you can easily work out what x% commission means in real terms.

What sorts of partners are we looking for?

Energy Lens is specialist software. To promote it, you need to understand what it is, what it does, and what sorts of people and organizations can benefit from it. We only want to gain customers for whom Energy Lens is a good fit.

We also want to ensure that Energy Lens is only promoted ethically and responsibly. Glowing endorsements are great, but only if they're honest.

Here are some marketing strategies that we definitely don't want Energy Lens to be associated with:

We are looking for partners that have used Energy Lens, that have at least a basic understanding of energy management, and that are in a good position to connect with the people that Energy Lens is designed for.

If you have a company or website that makes it clear that you fit this description, please head straight for the sign-up form at the bottom of this page – you should have no problems getting accepted as a partner. If it's not immediately obvious from your website or company that you fit this description, but you feel that you do fit this description, please feel free to email us to tell us more about what you do and how you'd like to promote Energy Lens.

Getting started as an online affiliate

For partners with websites or email newsletters, the easiest way to get started is as an online affiliate.

Once you've been accepted as a partner, we'll show you how to generate links to our website that have your tracking code embedded within them. You can put these "affiliate links" on your website, or include them in emails to your newsletter subscribers.

When someone follows one of your affiliate links to our site, our tracking system will do its best to ensure that you get paid a percentage of any purchase that that person may make.

Unfortunately there's no such thing as a foolproof affiliate-tracking system – people can block or delete their browser cookies, or purchase from a different computer without entering your referral code – there's no way for our system to link such sales to you. But these untrackable sales are a small minority – our tracking system goes to quite some lengths to ensure that partners are credited for sales that their promotional efforts have driven, and the system is effective.

Please start the registration process at the bottom of this page if you're interested in becoming an online affiliate.

Offline promotion

Perhaps you're an energy consultant that visits clients to help them save energy... Or perhaps you train companies on energy management... Maybe you publish a magazine or offline newsletter for facilities managers or energy managers... Or maybe you manufacture, integrate, or install metering systems...

If you're in a good position to introduce Energy Lens to companies or organizations that could benefit from it, through these or other appropriate channels, you'll be pleased to hear that our Partner Program is well set up for offline promotion as well as online promotion.

To find out more, please start the registration process below.

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