Energy Lens

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Energy Lens Videos

The best way to see how Energy Lens works is to watch it in action.

We suggest that you start with our video on analyzing energy data with Energy Lens. This video will show you how the analysis features of the software work, and it will explain how you can use them for energy management tasks such as finding energy waste, and checking whether energy performance is improving as time goes on.

Watch Video on Analyzing Data

We also have a video on loading energy data into Energy Lens. You need to load your energy data into Energy Lens before you can use the software to analyze it, and this video explains how.

Loading your data into Energy Lens is very straightforward, and, once you know how to do it, it will only take you a couple of seconds. Our video on loading data into Energy Lens explains the basic loading process, and it also explains where to get your interval energy data from, the formats that it comes in, and what to do when it has errors in it.

Watch Video on Loading Data

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