Energy Lens

Energy management made easy

Download Energy Lens

Download Energy Lens for a free, no-risk trial. It only takes a few seconds to download and install, and you don't need to give us any contact details.

Take advantage of the trial to analyze your own energy data, or see what Energy Lens can do with the sample data that's included.

Energy Lens requires Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Excel Energy Lens 1.6.8 (4.18 MB) Download Now

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Click the "Download Now" link above.
  2. Save the setup file to your computer.
  3. Open (run) the setup file to install Energy Lens on your computer. Installation is very straightforward, but more information on this step 3 is available if you need it.

System requirements

Energy Lens requires:

How to uninstall

If you decide that you no longer want Energy Lens on your computer, it's very easy to uninstall the software.

You can remove Energy Lens through "Add or Remove Programs" in the Windows "Control Panel" (accessible via the "start" menu).

Step-by-step uninstallation instructions are included with the software.

Download Now

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