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Discover waste and track savings with a simple routine of energy-data analysis.

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Energy Lens is energy management software to help businesses (and other organizations) save energy and reduce costs.

It's ideal for facilities managers or energy managers that want quick results from their energy-management efforts. Rather than overwhelming you with options, Energy Lens helps you get straight to the activities that bring the biggest, easiest savings.

Energy Lens works with detailed records of energy consumption that you can probably obtain from your energy supplier or in-house metering system. Specifically, it works with interval energy data: a modern, high-resolution form of energy data that contains over 1000 times more detail than traditional monthly data. Analyzing interval energy data, such as half-hourly data, can bring a phenomenal insight into patterns of energy usage/wastage.

The simple approach of Energy Lens

You can use Energy Lens as often as you like, but it works best if you use it regularly: once a month, or once a week for faster results. Using Energy Lens, you can:

Such monitoring and targeting will improve your energy efficiency, reduce your carbon emissions, and increase your profitability.

Most buildings can easily cut their energy bills by 5 to 10%.  Many can save 15% or more.

Powerful analysis at your fingertips - all within Excel

Energy Lens is a powerful add-in for Microsoft Excel. Whatever your experience with Excel, Energy Lens will make it really easy to extract the information you need from your interval energy data. Once you've opened some interval data in Excel, you can immediately use Energy Lens to:

An example of an "Average maximum and minimum profile" created by Energy Lens

Do you want to see if your efforts to reduce weekend energy consumption have been working?

Or would you like to find out how much your new lighting control system has reduced electricity consumption during office hours?

With Energy Lens you can instantly extract energy-consumption information from the specific dates, times-of-the-day, and days-of-the-week that you choose. This flexibility means that you can create charts and tables that are truly relevant to your buildings - far more valuable than the automated reports that you might receive from your utility company or energy supplier.

Energy management made easy

Energy Lens offers a quick route into successful energy management. With its easy learning curve it can help you to achieve significant savings with a fraction of the effort required by other energy management software.

Highly accessible to novices and experts alike:

Maximizes your return on investment from energy management:

Don't risk wasting any more time chasing hard energy-saving opportunities when easy ones are there for the taking... Take control of your building's energy consumption today!

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