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Energy Management Solutions – Alternatives to Energy Lens

Energy Lens is a powerful energy management solution for businesses that want to get a quick start with energy management, but it is not the the only option. Following is a comparison of Energy Lens with the two main types of alternative:

Data-analysis services from an energy supplier

A number of energy suppliers offer interval energy data analysis services to subscribing customers.

Typically the supplier will send subscribing customers an analysis of their consumption every month, or the supplier will have an online system allowing subscribing customers to log-in and plot graphs etc.

You may find that your energy supplier offers such a service for a regular fee, or even for free.

Naturally, some suppliers offer better services than others. However, there are are some powerful reasons why Energy Lens is often a better choice:

Main advantages of Energy Lens

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Real-time-metering energy management software

A real-time-metering energy management software package works with special metering equipment to automatically monitor energy consumption according to the configuration rules that you specify.

There are a selection of real-time-metering energy management software solutions on the market. Of course, every such solution is different, but there are some general themes that are useful in comparison with Energy Lens:

Main advantages of real-time-metering energy management software

Main advantages of Energy Lens

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